Daniel D. Krueger | Design & Art Direction


Art Director 💧 Chicagoan 💧 Friend 💧 Seattle

Hailing from Chicago, I'm an Art Director with experience in graphic design, social media, photography, and branding. Graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago, my design aesthetic follows the fundamentals of typography and grid based design. I respect the game.

After successful careers in publishing, online education, social media and product marketing I've been focusing on entrepreneurial, collaborative, and non-profit ventures.

Let's do cool sh*t.

I blog here: Us Versus Us
I get inspired here: Designspiration
I get corporate here: LinkedIn
I gram here: Instagram

Let’s do this: dan.d.krueger@gmail.com

Currently: Art Director at Laundry Service

Daniel D. Krueger, Danny Maker, 247 Laundry Service, DNLKRGR, Seattle