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Productive Procrastination

This is a collection of random bursts of creativity in moments of procrastination. These projects don't have a home except for here and tumblr reblogs.

"Take time to mess around. Get lost. Wander. You never know where it's going to lead you." – Austin Kleon

  • Role: Creative
  • Year: Always

yo!, sketch, line drawing, danny maker
mid coast, midcoast, midwest, chicago, danny maker
green, housing, recycle, danny maker
NYC, new york city, knicks, basketball, danny maker
Chicago, Baroke Clothing, Hat, Snapback, float, mirror
Seattle, Super Sonics, Basketball, NBA, coffee
Seattle, tactile, paper, photography
Seattle, mirror, reflection, iphone, photography
flower, DNLKRGR, danny maker
HOME, DNLKRGR, danny maker
tracy jordan, 30rock, quotes, menswear, nbc
kanye west, Yeezus, Yeezy, take it yeezy
black flowers, roses, colored roses,
Bulls, twin shadow,